7.4.2016 - 8.4.2016

Symposium on Wood Products Industries in Future Bio-economy Business

Juha Hertsi - 11.03.2016

Tervetuloa puutuotealan symposiumiin keskustelemaan puuteollisuuden uusista tuulista. Lahdessa 7. – 8. huhtikuuta järjestettävään tilaisuuteen voi ilmoittautua 31.3. saakka. LUKE

April 7-8, 2016, Sibelius Hall, Lahti, Finland

High-impact international symposium on the brilliant future of European wood products industries and society

Symposium highlights

– the importance of industries in wood products cluster in the European bio-economy (sawntimber, wood panels, furniture, wood construction, wood packaging, machine manufacturing, etc.,)

– new opportunities for business, markets, products, services and wood design

– implications of and effects to EU-strategic processes

– networking at the European level between decision makers of wood products industries, society, policy and research funding

The first day consists of presentations given by leading European bio-economy experts, followed by interactive panel discussions, where the audience can challenge the speakers. In the business forum, the participants will get familiar with a selection of innovative company solutions through flash presentations and small-group discussions.

Brilliant venue and evening concert of maestros in famous wooden Sibelius Hall.

In the second day, the participants are invited to discuss, plan, and network to produce ideas for further collaborative actions. Excursion includes a visit to a wooden building element manufacturer: See how woodworking industries take quick steps towards modern multi-storey timber construction markets.

Feel free to spread knowledge of this seminar to all who might be interested!